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Data migration that is secure, streamlined, and fast.

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Fast. Simple. Scalable. That is data migration that works for your changing business needs. What kind of flexibility do you need today — and tomorrow?

With Obok, you can align your data storage needs and data migration – seamlessly. Easily move production data and backups to the cloud and on-premises.

Choose to use cloud as a secondary or tertiary storage target for data archiving. Automatically migrate cloud data to lower cost storage tiers in alignment with your SLAs.

That is how data migration should be ‐ and is when you use Obok data migration software. When business needs change, easily move workloads to the cloud or clouds of your choice.

Obok reference implementations
A reference implementation of Obok

How can Obok help you with data migration?

With our comprehensive solution it is easy to meet business demands and efficiently manage data migration:

  • 1

    To the cloud.

  • 2

    Across multiple clouds.

  • 3

    Across cloud geographic regions.

  • 4

    Back to the on-premises data center.

Easy, integrated data migration from on-premises to the cloud, and back.

Move your data to the cloud and vice versa – fast! Our platform is a fully integrated solution accessible from the dashboard, CLI and more.

No cloud skills are needed. Our platform is ready in minutes, so you have an easy on ramp. No special cloud experience is needed – no need to hire new engineers. Plus, built-in ransomware protection keeps your data safe.

Data migration software that keeps data secure.

Manage disaster recovery and protect against ransomware. With our cloud-based disaster recovery, you have the flexibility to meet SLAs, recover data across geographies, and secure data in immutable cloud storage. Obok helps you be ready for data emergencies.

A strong cloud data protection strategy includes plans for cloud data migration, cloud disaster recovery and ongoing cloud data management.

Obok reference implementations

Compare Obok to other migration tools.

Business demands may require you to move applications, databases, and workloads from one cloud service to another. Today’s situation may change tomorrow.

When you use separate tools for each of your clouds, plus other tools for your on-premises data, you are duplicating effort, introducing discrepancies, and spending more time than you should.

Obok gives you incredible flexibility to migrate cloud data – with unmatched hypervisor flexibility.

  • 1

    Workload flexibility Cloud vendor migration tools use snapshots. In short, snapshots are not portable. Snapshots will not support flexible data migration of cloud apps and databases – especially at scale.

  • 2

    Integrated platform: Cloud native tools do not allow you to see data across multiple different platforms. You need to manage your entire on-premises and cloud environment from a single intuitive interface.

  • 3

    Streamline operations: Best of all, automation and orchestration further streamline Obok data migration processes: you can define process flows once, then apply them consistently across data projects. Automation saves you time and effort on your cloud journey.

  • 4

    Built-in compression: Shrinks the data as much as possible.

  • 5

    Encryption: Protects workloads in flight.

  • 5

    Integrations: Obok seamlessly integrates with your on-premises infrastructure, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud and more!

Only a professional cloud data migration solution lets you easily and securely transport data between clouds. If you are relying on a cloud vendor migration tool, you may have challenges.

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Obok's cloud threat review quickly enables you to determine how to protect your cloud environment with a free lightweight assessment.

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