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Get insights into your data, applications, and infrastructure in an automated way with AI.

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With our patented AI technology, stop cloud breaches and consolidate disjointed point products our platform for complete visibility and protection.

100% Visibility

Get complete visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure with our agentless technology. Everything in a single platform.

100% Visibility

Less than 5 minutes to onboard

Integrate Obok to your cloud, we support the most popular cloud providers and SaaS tools.

$ Reduce your cloud spend

Detect cost optimization actions so you don't learn about them the hard way in your bill.

Reduce your cloud spend

AI-powered cloud security platform

Our platform connects to your cloud environment in minutes to deliver complete coverage across all cloud risks – spanning misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity risks, data security, API exposure, and advanced threats.

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AI-powered cloud security platform
Don't overpay for your cloud

Don't overpay for your cloud

Leverage AI to monitor your cloud costs, and reduce your IT spend.

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Real-time threat remediation

Take action to resolve cloud threats before they cause any disruptions to your stack.

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Real-time threat remediation

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We're API first.

Everything you can do with our platform is extensible through our API – and we mean everything. From easily deploying new configurations in minutes across all your workloads to integrating with your orchestration tool of choice, we’ve got you covered!

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AI-powered cybersecurity and protection for data, applications, and infrastructure.

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