The data management platform.

Store, protect, optimize and take back control of your data to meet your business needs, across on-prem and cloud.

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Modernize your data management across on-prem and the cloud

Why our technology is different?

We do all the heavy lifting with our patented technology. Purpose-built for high-availability, durability, cost-effectiveness and security.

Data atomization

We separate your data into our patented data atoms.

Data encryption

All data atoms are encrypted with AES-256. You control the keys.

Data compression

Data atoms are compressed on-the-fly to lower the cost of storing your data.

Consistency checks

Our patented algorithm makes sure your data is consistent.

Integration with on-prem and cloud storage

Obok can store and geo-partition your data atoms across on-prem and cloud storage.

Easy to deploy

No need to change anything in your workloads. You can read and write your data via POSIX, API, SDK or mount points.

Simple, centralized data management.

Eliminate complexity with a single platform and future-proof your data.


We're API first.

Everything you can do with our platform is extensible through our API - and we mean everything. From easily deploying new configurations in minutes across all your workloads to integrating with your orchestration tool of choice, we've got you covered!

By the numbers

Reduce the cost of your data storage

Obok allows you to standardize and consolidate your storage infrastructure to make it more predictable, resilient, and simple - Driving significant cost-savings for your company.


vs. on-prem*


vs. cloud storage*

Are you ready for the future of data management?

Simple, centralized data management with high-availability, durability, cost-effectiveness and security.

Focus on the core value of your company and let us handle your data.

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