AWS Partnership

Driving Success with AWS Collaboration.

Obok is an AWS partner

Streamline purchasing and integrate Obok with your AWS environment to immediately assess your cloud incident readiness and get full detection coverage, automating threat response.

Obok and AWS: better together

We work in synergy with AWS security services to provide holistic threat detection coverage and response capabilities ready for security operations teams.

As an AWS Partner, Obok supports integrations with CloudTrail, Macie, RDS, VPC Flow, GuardDuty, and more to get the most out of your cloud native security suite and empower your SecOps team.

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Obok and AWS

Cloud security operations made easy for AWS infrastructure

When Obok finds a threat immediately sends a notification, while in the UI you will be able to see the details of the findings.

Is your cloud secure?

Obok's cloud threat review quickly enables you to determine how to protect your cloud environment with a free lightweight assessment.